Cosmetic Dentistry

Benefit of Cosmetic Dentistry

You are an unique individual, so is your smile. Oralux Dental is devoted in cosmetic dentistry. See your final smile in 3D motion before the action! Choose the color, shape and characters of your own teeth to make your perfect smile.

Why Are We Different?

Cosmetic dentistry is about creating a harmonious smile with your facial features. Hence we start by looking at your face, not just your teeth. There is a professional photo studio and cutting edge 3D teeth scanner to capture every single movement of your smile and speech. So the end result you see, will be be seen in real life. We even go a further step to put the temporary ‘approved by you smile’ over your existing teeth, then repeat the whole studio photo session to allow you to visualise the perfect smile in action before any treatment is done to any tooth.

Treatment Time and Cost

We believe accurate diagnosis is the key to success. The initial consultation is to discuss your expectations and concerns, followed by photographic and record taking in our professional studio.

Your new aesthetically pleasing smile can be virtually generated in 24 hrs. Our cosmetically driven expert team will provide you with a presentation and the designed result during a long consultation.

Total cost of the above is $800.

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Our service area is Crows Nest, North Sydney, Bella Vista and suburbs