Digital Smile Design

The Benefits of Cosmetic Smile Design

You are an unique individual and so is your site. Oralux Dental has special interest in cosmetic dentistry, including crowns and veneers, and are proud to have helped so many people achieve their perfect smiles over the years.
Our cosmetic dentistry experts will work with you to create your best smile. See the finished result in 3D motion before we start work and choose the colour, shape and character of your own teeth with ur cutting-edge technology.

Why Are We Different?

Cosmetic dentistry is about creating a harmonious smile with your facial features. At Oralux Dental, We start by looking at your face, not just your teeth. We utilize a professional photographic studio and cutting edge 3D teeth scanner to capture every single movement of your smile and speech.

This allows you to see, from every angel, what your new smile looks like before we commence treatment.

Treatment Time and Cost

Accurate diagnosis is the key to success.  We offer an  initial consultation is to discuss your expectations and concerns, followed by a photographic  and record-taking session in our professional studio.

Your new  smile can be virtually generated in 48 hrs. Our expert team will then provide your with presentation and the designed result during a long consultation.

From there, you’ll have a clear idea of what Oralux Dental can do to create your perfect smile.

Total cost of the above procedure is $800.