St Leonards Dentist

Looking for St Leonards dentist? Visit Oralux Dental, clinic located in Crows Nest, only 1 kilometer from St Leonards, 7 minutes walking distance and plenty of free parking opposite to the surgery site in Woolworth

Our range of services includes cosmetic and general dentistry services, Invisalign, porcelain crowns, veneers, teeth whitening and dental implants. In addition, we also provide the most advanced technologies of treatment – digital and laser dentistry on the newest equipment (3D oral scanner from 3Shape, Denmark, and Gemini laser machine that uses dual wavelength).

Over the years, our professionals have helped thousands of people get their perfect smiles.

We work both with children and adults with a guarantee of first class services. Besides, you can visit our clinic at a convenient time: we work on weekends and during off hours.


Choosing a good dentist can be a challenging job, given there are so many of us are around. That is why you should investigate few questions before you make the decision for your health.

  • Are the dentists locally trained?

Australian Dental Schools are one of the most reputable dental training centres globally. In addition, all our dentists graduated with honour degrees from prestige Australian universities.

We always listen to our patients and are happy to help with helpful advice and recommendations regarding the necessary treatment – all clients get accurate diagnosis before start of our work.

Advanced dentistry near St Leonards, New South Wales

  • Is the treating centre facility hygienic and well equipped?

Obviously, stepping into a facility can immediately give you an impression how the staff care about the working place they are in every day. Oralux Sydney dental surgery went a step and above, invited independent third party accreditation institution to assess our infection control standard, and quality of our equipment. We are the one of the only fews in lower north shore area undergone such strict assessment of quality control program.

You can visualise the desired shape and colour of your teeth with our digital smile design (in 3D motion) before we start the treatment – our advanced 3D teeth scanner allows to see (during 48 hours after initial consultation) how your new smile will look like from any angle. Furthermore, we also take into account your facial features to make sure that you new smile perfectly fits to your face – for this purpose we work with professional photographic studio on site.




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