Teeth Whitening

In Office Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has been performed by dental professionals for many years with successful, safe results. In Office Whitening is performed in the dental chair by qualified professionals and gives a visibly brighter smile in as little as 15 minutes of treatment time.

We use Philips Zoom LED whitening system. It is the NO 1. most used professional whitening system in the world.

Special offer: $50 cash back* on Philips Zoom in-chair whitening treatment.

Take Home Whitening

If you have sensitive teeth and could not tolerate fast whitening procedure, we have the answer for you. Take home whitening allows the personally dosed medication to brighten your smile day by day with no discomfort. It takes approximately a week to get your teeth their whitest. The end result is comfortable, bright smile.

Does whitening cause damage to my teeth?

The whitening procedure utilises medication to penetrate through porous part of your tooth’s surface. It removes the internal staining of the tooth and returns the colour of your teeth to the colour you were born with.

Tooth whitening medication has been used for long time by professionals around the world. It is scientifically-proven to be safe and does not change the structure of the tooth.

What Is The Difference Between Dentist Whitening To Over The Counter or Other Commonly Advertised Whitening?

Australian Law regulates the use of teeth whitening medication. The over-the-counter solutions are less-effective versions of the products we use. Only dental professionals are licensed to administer effective tooth whitening treatments, so book in to see the team at Oralux Dental if you want to achieve your whitest smile.

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