Laser Dentistry

Experience the future

Like many advances in medical field, Sydney dentistry has stepped into the new era of computer aided treatment. In Oralux Dental, you will experience the most advanced technology available worldwide.

The Laser machine is the newest development in treating soft tissue such as gum, and lip attachment in the mouth. The most distinctive feature of the laser light is its accuracy of delivery. Unlike conventional scalpel cutting, laser beam will precisely trim soft tissue at 3-4 cells thickness at every light stroke without the bleeding.

Germini Laser, dual wavelength is one of the latest laser machine in dentistry. It is specially attracted to pink and moist tissue inside oral cavity, hence the name ‘dual wavelength’.

This translate to easy gum reshaping procedure with accurate, precise result without repeated healing and scarring tissue. It allows patient to have the subsequent treatment straight after the laser treatment in the same appointment. The healing process after laser surgery is a lot more comfortable and faster. Laser treatment minimises the scarring tissue and often suture is not used at the treated area.

Laser is also used to treat gum disease, release of children tongue tie. Leave the scalpel to the past and speak to one of our clinical to discuss if treatment is suitable for you.

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