Why Invisalign

Innovation that will leave you grinning.

Treatment Comparision Chart

See how other treatment options stack up to Invisalign treatment

  • Minimal Irritation to Gum
  • Smart Track Material
  • 3D Scan Accuracy
  • Finishing Gurantee
  • Easily Removable
Invisalign Aligners
Generic Aligners
Traditional Braces

Get the smile you’ve always wanted – healthy gums with a near perfect set of teeth. Get it with less irritations and without overly painful interruptions. Invisalign Aligners can speed up dental treatments up to 2x quicker – be it complex shifts or simple fix! Simply send us a text to schedule an appointment, we will use a digital 3D scan to preview your smile – it only takes a few moments, then we’ll be on our way to bringing you straighter teeth and a more confident smile.

Less Pain

Invisalign provides the most comfort than other aligner treatments.

Quicker Treatment

The only innovative material that is 50% more quicker.

Optimal Innovation

Invisalign provides greater control & better predictability to straighten up your smile.

We shape better smiles with extensive research & innovative insights.

  • Get aligners that fit better and feel even more comfortable
  • Choose among new aligners with advanced features that can treat more dental cases
  • Experience new ways to improved design & manage movements of your teeth

Invisalign Innovation to Straighten Out that Crooked Smile

Oralux Dental provides the most advanced Invisalign Aligner treatment
Packed with decades of research, hundreds of patents, innovative printing operation, and data from thousands of brightened and straightened smiles.
Oralux Dental uses the SmartTrack® Material to make sure that your Invisalign treatment is precise and comfortable.
Request for customised trimming
We prioritise the correct fit and optimised comfort of your aligner so it does not cut your gums unlike less innovative aligners do.
6 short months of treatment made possible by the advanced technology we use in Oralux Dental
Get that confident smile quicker than anyone else can.
Simply wear your aligners
The technology works hard to make things easy for you. See amazing results faster than other traditional dental treatments.

Ready to Get Straightened Set of Teeth?

Schedule a consultation and straighten out that crooked smile with Oralux Dental.