Why Invisalign?

There’s no better way to make a good first impression than with a beautiful smile. If your smile doesn’t look the way you want, we can help you improve it.

Invisalign is a hugely-popular choice for anyone wanting to correct their smile, and with good reason. IT’s a quick and effective way to straighten crooked teeth and create a smile you’ll be remembered for.

At Oralux Dental, we’re proud to provide a service that’s second-to-non. Our team has many years of experience building beautiful smiles using Invisalign.

This system is a comfortable and effective way to correct your smile. Invisalign offers a solution that’s comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

What Does Invisalign Involve?

At Oralux Dental, we make treatment as easy as step One, Two, Three.

Step 1. Have a thorough discussion of your expectation with our experienced Invisalign provider. We will take detailed smiling photos and 3D scan of your teeth with the advanced intra oral scanner machine. No more gagging or discomfort with taking mould in the mouth. See your teeth in 3D like you have never seen before.

Step 2. See your final smile result in virtual reality. Our certified doctor to plan your teeth straightening movement. We’ll work with you to plan the process of straightening your teeth, inviting you to be part of the process at every stage.

Step 3. Start wearing the clear aligners, created just for your teeth. Come in and see us every 6- 8 weeks for adjustment to ensure the system is working perfectly.

Why Oralux Dental for Invisalign?

Dr. Wendy Wang is highly experienced with designing perfect smiles using Invisalign. She treats all patients ranging in age from 4 to 64. Her expertise in both conventional braces system and Invisalign system delivers the patients the fastest and most accurate way to achieve the perfect smile.

Treatment Time and Cost

Depending on the complexity of the teeth movement, you may achieve the perfect straight teeth within 14 weeks. The cost of treatment starts from $6 /day.* If the movement is more complex, the treatment time is generally longer.
We have certain fast tracking method to shorten the long complex treatment. To get a full assessment of the treatment required to perfect your smile, contact the Oralux Dental team today.

*Terms and Condition: $6/day cost is based on Invisalign i7 treatment. 20% Initial deposit and 80% paid over 15 months interest free period. Subject to Smile Plan financial approval. Once set up fee $39 charged by Smile Plan not included.

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