Welcome to Oralux Dental, we are a team of passionate Sydney dentists caring for your smile and health as well as teeth and gum. Too often dentists only look at teeth and holes in them and tell you how to fix it. We look further beyond this because we know the teeth and gums can actually impact on your self confidence and health. For instance, studies have concluded a link between gum disease and heart health, diabetes and pregnancies. A great smile can boost your self confidence and make your feel good while crooked, discolored teeth can have the exact opposite effect. It’s important to understand how a great smile can change the way you see yourself.

We would love to help you make the best out of your teeth and smile. Call us now.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Did you know your smile releases serotonin, also known as the happy drug, a naturally produced substance by our body. We can show you how bright a smile you could have virtually, without even touching the tooth.

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Dental Implants

An implants is the next closest thing to your real tooth. It feels and functions like a real tooth. Oralux Dental will only use the most reliable materials with extensive scientific research to back up and deliver the highest quality implant.

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General Dentistry

We look after the whole family. Our general check up includes detailed examination of all gum and teeth health as well as monitoring of children’s dentition development. Remember, prevention is the best treatment.

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teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening

Only the professionals will get your teeth the whitest in less than one hour. All in office whitening products with the most effective medication are regulated strictly by FDA and could only be distributed by licensed.

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Did you know braces could not only straighten your teeth, but make you breath and sleep better? We provide airway assessment, Invisalign, early treatment for children without braces.                                                    .

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sleep dentistry
Sleep Dentistry

If you would like to relax and be asleep whilst the dental treatment being provided we have qualified onsite sedation doctor to help.Dr. Clifford Tan is the dual qualified medical specialist.

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porcelain veneers
Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

All materials used in our surgery do not contain mercury. Materials varies from composite to porcelain,are all approved by FDA. Prosthesis such as crowns and veneers are made locally by expert in ceramics.

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Cosmetic Injections

Does your dentist use a Rotarory machine for tooth nerve treatment? Studies shows it is the most effective way to clean the tooth root system with the highest success rate. The procedure is non-invasive with great visible results.

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