Online Consult

If you would like a preliminary opinion on your dental treatment options for cosmetic dentistry, please fill out this form and Oralux dental will respond to you within 48 hours. The purpose of this online page is to assist us in giving you some general advice on the recommended cosmetic dental treatment. The response will be limited to 200 words. Please note this response is not to replace a full and thorough exam and diagnosis in the dental surgery.

Please send oralux dental a few full face photos like the ones below.
These pictures were all taken with a smart phone. Best to be at a little distance from the phone and zoom in to get a full face shot.

If you're too close, the lens will distort the face.

Accepted file formats include: jpg, jpeg, png, giff. Max file size: 1MB

Front on

Relaxed face with eyes looking into horizone.

Front on

With fingers retracting the lips and show all teeth.

Front on

Full face with full smile open mouth (like a laugh) with teeth apar

Retracted close up

Stick two fingers on each side to expose teeth and gumlines of front teeth.