Medibank Dentist Near You: Oralux Dental

Find your preferred Medibank dentist in Oralux Dental within Crows Nest & Bella Vista.

Medibank members get the best prices with a Medibank Members’ Choice Advantage Dentist. Oralux Dental is independently accredited, which means you will be reassured with the strictest infection control standard. Oralux Dental’s North Sydney Dental Clinic is located in Crows Nest – only 10 minutes from Sydney CBD and 1km from St. Leonards. Plus, find free parking spaces facing the surgery site in Woolworths. You will receive the most comprehensive service at affordable price.

Why Use Your Medibank Cover in Dental Health with Oralux?

If you are a Medibank member who has extras cover for two months or more, you can get 100% back on up to two dental check-ups per year, including dental x-rays, with a Medibank Members’ Choice Advantage Dentist, such as Oralux Dental.
Some of your benefits of being a Medibank member includes maximum amount of rebate and a wider range of available dental services with transparent cost.
Plus, with Oralux Dental, your Medibank preferred dentists listen to ensure that you get the best tailor-fit Sydney dental service that you need. Oralux Dental has the state of art technology and equipment to make sure you’re provided with excellent and efficient dental care.
Oralux Dental offers a broad range of services – get your simple dental check-up or your total smile make over. It doesn’t matter if you need services during outside-hours or during the weekends – if you need a priority emergency service from one of our Medibank preferred dentists, Oralux Dental has you covered.

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Medibank Members Easy Booking for a Dentist in Oralux Dental

Schedule an appointment with a Medibank preferred dentist near you with Oralux Dental.

Remember, we have 2 branches – one in Crows Nest and the other is in Bella Vista Q-Central Building.

We’re open 7 days by appointment. Simply call or text us at 02 8065 1702 or send an email to info@oraluxdental.com.au.

Put your Medibank dental coverage to good use with a trusted group of dentists in Oralux. It’s time to smile.