Dentistry for the Whole Family

Prevention is the best treatment. Australian Dental Association recommends regular dental check up and clean at least twice a year, six months apart. 

Teeth and gum are naturally evolved to endure long term functioning. Very often, small problem can occur without any symptoms. Hence only professionals can perform thorough examination to diagnose early problem and prevent further complication.

A full dental check up involves the following:

  • Head and neck soft tissue assessment.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Gum health assessment.
  • Children airway and dentition development.
  • Thorough dental examination.
  • Presentation of any findings from the exam above.
  • Professional recommendation of treatment plans.
  • Radiographic examination.
  • Full ultrasonic cleansing of teeth every six months.
  • Hand detailing and polishing of teeth.
  • Full mouth fluoride treatment.

Oralux Dental is equiped with:

  • German radiographic equipment to ensure lowest radiation whilst producing sharp image.
  • 3D intra oral scanning facility to monitor structural change over time.
  • German tooth cleaning equipment to ensure thorough, comfortable cleaning experience.
  • Experienced dental hygienist and therapist to assess gum health.
  • Professional dentist to assess overall oral health.
  • Experienced clinical coordinator following through your treatment plan.

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