Dental Services For Children

First dental appointment

We will perform full exam on a child’s health. It involves thorough examination of breathing history, sleep quality, other medical issues one may encounter. A full mouth examination will be carried out to check facial bone development, speech function, tonsils condition and upper airway function.
Specific attention will be paid to the child’s jaw bone growth to the appropriate level of the age group.

Parents will be encouraged to discuss any concerning issues such has thumb sucking, teeth grinding, snoring and speech problem with our expert clinician.

Laser Dentistry for Tongue Tie

Midwife and lactation consultant might often talk about tongue tie. In babies, tongue muslces milk mother’s breast tissue with strong force of 400grams and about 1000 times a day. Such strong force encourages the proper development of the upper jaw from very early age. If a tongue tie is not diagnosed, mother might have difficulties during breastfeeding. Further more, the natural growing force to the jaw is underperfromed, resulting in narrow jaw and speech difficulties. We are equipped with the world most advanced dual wavelength laser Dentistry which is specially designed for oral tissue to allow painless release of tongue tie, little or no bleeding, minimum post operative discomfort and fast healing. This means, your child does not need to have conventional scalpel cut in the mouth. Most of procedures are finished within 15 minutes for children without any discomfort.

Early jaw development without braces

It is epidemic for children to have braces during teenager years. Some of the cases might involve extraction of the otherwise perfectly good teeth. More often, the crowding of teeth are not any dental problem, but a mere manifestation of poor jaw bone development, which houses the teeth in the mouth. Hence, early intervention of jaw growth correction need to be carefully diagnosed and managed. This may result in no need of  braces at later stage. Function determines form. We encourage early training of oral function with correct muscle groups including lips, cheeks and tongues with forms of comfortable training device. Such treatment is non invasive and comfortable for children of all ages. Remember, the earlier we can detect the problem, the simpler the treatment will be.

Painless Injection

Everyone hates needles, especially when it comes to children. We understand the fear and the discomfort associated with injection when dental work is needed. Hence we are the leading Dental Wand user in the children dentistry world.

Unlike conventional syringe, dental wand looks friendly, and with controlled computer injection dosage, dental wand delivers precise amount of local anaesthetics under the skin, to allow comfortable, painless numbing experience.

All dental wands are single, disposable use to ensure the highest infection control quality.

Your child’s dental experience will be painless and comfortable.

Our Difference

Teeth are never grown in isolation. They are closely related to jaw development and overall growth of a child. We are passionate to find the links between these key elements and bring them together to provide a child best possible health.

We emphasis on holistic approach to a child’s health. A team of medical professionals including ENT specialist, speech therapist will help us to address any underlying cause of late jaw development. This will allow your children to breath better, sleep better and learn better. Early intervention in orthodontics such as soft plate, non-invasive growth appliance is used to catch up any delayed growth associated with facial bones and teeth.

Every child deserves a natural, beautiful smile from the very beginning. So let’s not wait for any issue to cause complication and complex treatment in the future. Act now to grow a beautiful smile naturally without braces!

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