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We put together some photos of common problems parents might see with their children’s jaw development. Please click below to see the images.

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Children Airway Focused Dentistry


Individual Jaw Growth Assessment
Airway Assessment​
Early Jaw Development
Speech Assessment
Tongue Tie Treatment With Laser

Meet Dr. Wendy Wang

Being a mother of two, Dr. Wendy Wang is passionate in helping parents understanding how oral development and health is an integral part of children’s overall health. Crooked teeth which are common in modern lifestyle is often related to other systemic habit and problem such as upper airway issues involving snoring, poor sleep, under performance in school studying. Dr. Wendy Wang spent many years devoting herself learning with the best clinicians including orthodontist, ear, nose and throat specialist and speech pathologist. She is determined to help every child and the family to take holistic approach to growth healthy jaw and healthy life.