Dr. Wendy Wang

My Story

I graduated from Melbourne University in 2005 with Honours and started practicing in private sector of dentistry.

During my early years of practice, I grew significant interest in orthodontic filed. I worked with some of the top specialists in the field, seeing children patients, putting braces on and performing adjustment.

By working with many inspiring specialists related to upper airway, ear, nose and throat doctors and paediatric dentist, I discovered the links between jig-puzzles of children’s common problem of ‘crooked teeth’ and general health.

‘Form follows function’, -Louis Sullivan.

After travelling to many third world countries without the existence of dentist, it is amazing to see how many natural beautiful, well aligned smile grew naturally without intervention of braces.

After having two children myself and spending more time with lots of children, it becomes clear to me that children who need clear braces treatment often suffer other health issues such as airway problem, teeth grinding, poor sleep pattern. The function of the facial structure is compromised and hence the malformed jaw and crooked teeth needs treatment later.

My passion is about to share my knowledge in this area with all parents. Our children will benefit immersely from early prevention and correction rather than treatment later.

‘Your children’s smile is the happiest gift to me.’

Dr. Wendy Wang

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